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easy does it again! Great pizzas at great prices

easyPizza Milton Keynes launched on Friday 17th December 2004, and to mark the opening of this new business, Stelios turned up at the door of our first customer to deliver the pizza in person.

So how have we done it again?

easyPizza has re-engineered the pizza preparation and delivery industry in order to reduce the price of pizzas to consumers. Currently the assets used in the industry (ovens and delivery vehicles) are under-utilised. They do nothing all day and then are heavily used during the evening period from about 6pm to 10pm.

easyPizza has made the utilisation of these assets more efficient by spreading the demand over a wider period, and the incentive given to consumers to alter their demand is price. In other words customers who are prepared to take delivery of their pizza at an off-peak time, 4pm for example, are rewarded with a lower price than the customer who takes delivery of the same pizza at a peak time - for example, 8pm. In addition, customers who book their pizzas in advance benefit from lower prices than those customers who want the same pizza for immediate delivery. As with all easyGroup companies customers can buy their pizzas from www.easyPizza.com. and be rewarded with even lower prices. For the consumer who prefers to order pizza by phone our highly trained team are waiting to take orders on 0871 210 2000 .

Pizza preparation has also been key in re-engineering the business and in delivering reduced prices. All our pizzas are made in central kitchens using an abundance of high quality toppings. Not only do we win on quality, we also guarantee consistently high standards whilst reducing the significant costs of equipment needed for each site.

easyPizza is not on the high street, and as a consequence does not cater to 'walk-up' trade or other collections. In other words, it is a delivery service only. This means that easyPizza saves money on its premises by avoiding the relatively high cost of high street rents. The result is that easyPizza is able to deliver good quality and good tasting.

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