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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of an easyPizza franchise?
If you are currently trading as an independent pizza delivery business there is no capital expenditure required. We would rather you spend your resources in combination with us marketing easyPizza in your local area.

Can I operate more then one store?
Yes you can! We would be delighted to talk to single or multi-unit operators across the UK .

How long is the franchise agreement?
The agreement is an initial two year term with an option for renewal.

What is the marketing contribution?
There is no set marketing contribution, however, we will expect you to be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of local marketing within your territory to successfully build sales for the easyPizza business. We will be busy behind the scene driving traffic to the website.

What experience do I require?
The easyPizza model is very simply a bolt on business to operate alongside your existing pizza delivery business. What we are looking for is a proven track record of success and operational excellence in your current business.

What training will be given?
The easyPizza model really is simple to operate and very little training will be required, however we will provide full on site training for you and your management teams to make sure you are ready.

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