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How does it work?

Innovation has been key in developing a business model that not only requires a lower start up investment, but also has improved operating efficiencies that allow both the customer and the franchisee to benefit

By sharing the same premises as an existing delivery operation, preferably pizza delivery, easyPizza can be bolted onto your business generating an incremental revenue stream predominantly via a new customer base. Leveraging the fixed costs and some of the more variable labour costs we will ensure a good conversion rate on the incremental revenue

The use of our pre-topped pizza menu, online booking engine and call centre will ensure this is done with very little interruption to the existing business. The delivery only operation means customers need never even know that you are running the 2 operations side by side

Centralised kitchens:
Make all the pizzas for our no frills menu using an abundance of high quality toppings. Not only do we win on quality, we also guarantee consistency and take the pain out of your operation

One national phone number and web address:
Both an online order service and central call centre will handle all your customer orders and queries. The bespoke easyPizza system uses technology that allows live and seamless information to be passed between the store and the order point to ensure we can offer excellent service at all times

Centralised purchasing and distribution:
Using the buying power of the easygroup we have negotiated the best rates for purchasing and distribution throughout the UK.

how does it work?
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